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Vogtland Sport Lowering Spring Kit Dodge Challenger 2009-2013

Vogtland Sport Lowering Spring Kit Dodge Challenger 2009-2013

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Derived from racing, the Vogtland compound spring consists of two different spring rates. The initial rate provides the proper preload necessary for correct suspension function during all road conditions. The final rate is designed to provide the appropriate vehicle balance for neutral steering characteristics. Each spring is calibrated for every specific car model and provides a balance between performance and comfort. You can visually and physically experience your car in a whole new way.

Vogtland Sport Lowering Spring Kits not only improve the look of your car by reducing wheel gap, but they improve the handling by lowering the center of gravity while the higher spring rates give you the performance you desire.


  • Lowering Amount: 1.6 SE V6/1.8 RT V8/1.0 SRT
  • Fits: Dodge Challenger SE V6 Years 09 - 17, RT V8 Years 11 -18, SRT Years 11 - 18


Fits: Dodge Challenger SE V6, Years 09 -11,0

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