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Mishimoto Racing Air Intake for Subaru WRX 2015+

Mishimoto Racing Air Intake for Subaru WRX 2015+

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  • The stock 2015 WRX intake duct is utilized to provide cool airflow to the high-flow Mishimoto oiled air filter, which features increased filtration surface area compared to the stock paper filter. This filter can be cleaned and reused, providing a lifetime of service. The 2015 WRX intake is optionally available with an enclosed airbox for protection against engine bay heat-soak, and it provides a stock-like engine bay appearance as well. This unit is a complete bolt-on to your 2015 WRX that functions perfectly with the stock tune and can be installed in one hour using common hand tools. Made in the USA and available with either polished or wrinkle black aluminum intake piping and, like our entire line of 2015 WRX parts, includes the signature Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.

  • Direct fit for the 2015+ Subaru WRX
  • Dyno-proven maximum gains of up to 33 whp and 30 wtq and peak gains of up to 28 whp and 21 wtq while maintaining safe AFRs on the stock tune (using 93 octane fuel)
  • Dyno-proven gains of up to 70 whp and 70 wtq with Mishimoto tune and intake using 93 octane fuel while maintaining safe AFRs on 6 speed WRX (see additional images for dyno chart)
  • Extremely aggressive intake tone under acceleration and boost
  • Optional airbox inclusion retains stock-like engine bay appearance
  • Functions with the stock intake duct which supplies cold air to intake filter
  • High-flow oiled air filter provides increased filtration surface area
  • Wire-reinforced silicone hose prevents collapse
  • Easy installation can be completed in one hour
  • Designed in Delaware, USA and filter made in USA
  • Available with a polished or wrinkle black pipe finish
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
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