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KW Variant 2 V2 Coilover Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat 2015

KW Variant 2 V2 Coilover Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat 2015

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The KW Suspension Variant 2 system is intended for the experienced driver who does not only wish to adjust the lowering of their vehicle, but also wishes to carry out setup adjustments. The adjustable rebound damper allows adjusting the pitch and roll behaviour of the vehicle and therefore the driving pleasure can be adapted to their own requirements.

Rebound Dampening

The rebound Dampening can be adjusted via an adjustment spindle at the piston rod end, depending on specific vehicle applications. The rebound Dampening primarily controls pitch and roll of the vehicle, especially in the low speed Dampening range which directly influences handling and comfort.

Therefore the vehicle can be adjusted to the needs of the driver, making the ride variable from comfortable to sporty and stiff, both with improved road handling.

General Features:

  • Dampening technology with individually adjustable rebound
  • Inox-line stainless steel technology
  • Individually height adjustable
  • Adjustment parameters approved by TUV
  • Fully finished complete solution
  • High-quality components for long durability
  • Comprehensive Instructions for easy installation
Specific Features:
  • with adjustable rebound Dampening
  • TÜV approved
  • Front lowering adjustment ranges (min.-max.): 30-65 mm (1.2-2.6 inches)
  • Rear lowering adjustment ranges (min-max): 45-80 mm (1.8-3.2 inches)
  • Front Spring Rate: 500 (lbs/inch)
  • Rear Spring Rate: 685 (lbs/inch)
  • Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat 2015
  • Height adjustable front and rear axles (front axle threaded strut housings, rear axle adjustable springs + dampers)
  • The standard self levelling shock absorber has to be replaced with the supplied sport shock absorber
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