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D2 Racing Rally Asphalt Series Coilover Kit Ford Focus ST 2012-2018

D2 Racing Rally Asphalt Series Coilover Kit Ford Focus ST 2012-2018

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D2 Racing RALLY Asphalt suspension kits are built using steel mounts, elongated spring and stroke with matched dampening properties, and 44mm pistons to maintain performance and endurance during long-term use. These coilovers feature an inverted monotube strut design and 36-way damping adjustment designed to withstand the toughest rally conditions.D2 Rally Asphalt are adjustable -0.5in; to -3.0in; from factory ride height.


  • This coilover kit is specially made for rally asphalt. In addition to stabilizing the vehicle, it absorbs the bumps caused by the uneven roads.
  • Standard design for wishbone-style suspensions are 44mm pistons which contain a large volume of shock oil for handling everlastingly and prevent the shocks from reaching exhaustion after long-term use.
  • 36 different damping settings to match different kinds of road conditions.
  • All McPherson coilovers come with pillowball upper mount with camber plate. It adjusts the camber of the tires which allows the tires to turn efficiently and enhances the stability of the vehicle.
  • The spring rate and damping settings are specifically for rally asphalt. It cannot use for rally gravel and rally snow.
  • The ride height can be dropped 60mm~120mm from OE ride height.
  • 3D pillowballs are optional for camber and caster adjustments.
  • Ford Focus ST 2012-2018
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